The Unique Property Of Refrigerant

One of the unique properties of refrigerant is volatile, which means it has a low boiling point, and a high dew point. These properties make it easy for the refrigerant to reach the superheater phase when compressed, and immediately change the phase to liquid after undergoing a cooling process in the condenser. Aside from that, if the refrigerant in your heat pump is damaged, you can call the hvac Columbia SC to repair it for you.

Thermodynamically, the liquid phase of the refrigerant is called the liquid saturation phase. Furthermore, its liquid will go through the expansion valve so it can suddenly drop its pressure. A decrease in the pressure of the refrigerant fluid will result in an adiabatic phase change to steam again. This decrease in refrigerant pressure will be followed by a decrease in the temperature of the refrigerant so that it reaches a cooler temperature than the room air to be cooled.

Not all refrigerants can pass through the expansion valve in the refrigerator cycle system. Only part of it can pass through the expansion valve. This happens because the function of this valve is to control the amount of refrigerant fluid that can pass through it. At the same time, the expansion valve will keep the refrigerant pressure at the output side lower than the refrigerant pressure at the valve entry side. Because of this mechanism, the portion of the refrigerant that passes through the expansion valve experiences a flashing process (phase change to steam due to a sudden decrease in environmental pressure).

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