The Reason You Have To Sleep With A Pillow

Sleeping with Kissen mit Spruch or an ordinary pillow, concluded a study as the most appropriate way to rest. Every day humans need time to rest because it’s been a day of activities. The easiest way to restore the body’s freshness is to sleep.

One of the sleep habits of people is to use pillows, head pillows and pillow bolsters. A recent study states that these habits are very good for physical health. Using pillows has been a habit of humans while sleeping since time immemorial. Because can not be denied the function of the pillow as a support for comfort while sleeping effectively makes us wake up more refreshed in the morning.

The existence of a pillow successfully traced by researchers in ancient Mesopotamia in the area of ​​Iraq and surrounding areas. In these civilizations, researchers predict the ancient Egyptians used stones built into blocks to support their heads while sleeping. Based on research from a university, using a pillow while sleeping is an unavoidable necessity. The research team explains the human spine must remain in a normal position during sleep. Pillows also become a solution to maintain the harmony of the spine.

Of course, everyone has a different form of the spine, but the ideal composition of the spine is being drawn straight from the ear to the ankle, like when we stand up straight.
The best sleeping position should form the spine like that picture. He added, if the spine is not aligned with other body parts, it can cause various problems, such as muscle aches, joints, and ligaments tightening more than normal. All of these conditions risk leading to serious injury.
Researchers write, often sleeping in a spinal position is not ideal causing the back discs to become weak and overtime to end chronically. Using a pillow can prevent such misery.

The results of the study write down, the position of the pillow becomes an important element to create spinal harmony. Be careful sleeping with a pillow that is too high because it will put your neck, back, and shoulder muscles in a tense position. Therefore, it is recommended to place the pillow in a position that can keep the neck parallel to the chest and lower back. Researchers do not forget to recommend that everyone change their sleep pillows at least once a year.

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