Model Curtains Room Dividers You Can Imitate

For those of you who have a large house, you can share it using only curtains! This method is known to be more productive and flexible. In addition to saving costs, the use of curtains can give the effect of a small-sized room becomes roomy. Unlike the other room dividers, the curtain can be opened and pulled easily. So it will be more flexible when using it—coupled with the elegant design of the curtain room divider that can add value to the interior of your room. Well, here, woodstock exterior painting will give tips for a room divider curtain model that you can emulate.

1 Creating Personal Space

Curtains can create a room that can be our privacy. For example, in the design of the room where the desk and chair are placed right in front of the foot of the bed. Maybe this will look very pushy. Because it is not suitable and not pleasant when seen. But the curtain that hangs as a barrier between the two furniture, formerly the bedroom and workspace united, now can be separated and become two different functions of the room. The use of the curtain is suitable for those of you who like a quiet place so you can concentrate more.

2 Dividers Between Kitchen and Dining Room

Not a few families use the kitchen design together with the dining room because it makes it easy to prepare food on the dining table. But on the other hand, when cooking, sometimes smoke from cooking will blend with the air in the dining room. Of course, this won’t be very comforting. Now, this inconvenience you can overcome by using a curtain room divider. You can put this curtain between the dining room and kitchen. Choose a dividing curtain made of semi-plastic cloth so you will have no trouble cleaning stains from herbs or food marks.

3 Hiding a Secret Room Beside the House

This curtain can be used to hide the secret room in your house. You can close your secret room using a curtain. As if the only thing behind the curtain is the window that leads directly outside the home, even though behind the curtain, there is a secret room located on the side of the house.

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