Meyer Mansion Price and Unit Types for Your Investment

Are you looking for a condo that perfect for your family? Meyer Mansion can be a great one. Located in the East Coast of Singapore, this condo has 250 unit apartments with different unit types and price. You can find several amenities and facilities nearby the condo. You can go anywhere with only a few minutes walk from the condo to Katong Park MRT station.

Before you wish to book a new condo, here’s some information about the price and unit types you need to know.

The Price and Unit Types in Meyer Mansion

1. Unit Types

Meyer Mansion has 250 unit apartments with different types and prices. The unit in this condo ranging from 2 bedrooms to 4 bedrooms, but for the unit size is still to be announced. The floors area that stated any balconies, patios, terraces, and A/C ledges.

2. The Price Background

Our site is developed by GuocoLand Limited that has been bought for SGD$319.88 million from First Meyer Development. A development charge of about $57.2 million was payable on top of the purchase price. The site of the condo has a land area of 85,249 square feet with 238,697 square feet that equate at 2.8 of master plan plot ratio. It means works out $1,580 per sq ft per month to a land cost.

The break-even cost to GuocoLand would be close $2,200 PST, but after accounting for construction and development costs that related includes financing and marketing. It is mean GuocoLand allowed set the selling price competitively and to resale the prices of existing homes.

So it is important for you to know and understand about what type do you want, or the price depending on your budgets. You can get the condo with scenic views and lots of amenities on its surrounding. That’s the information about the unit types and Meyer Mansion price.

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