Brunch at Weekend

Breakfast in the morning always brings good for your body’s health. But this is often felt by many people because of the rush in the morning. Some even feel lazy because breakfast is considered unimportant or for habitual reasons. To meet your nutritional and calorie intake, the breakfast menu should also pay attention to what you consume. Or, if you don’t have breakfast, you can eat the best brunch at

The menu that is most often used as a light meal during brunch is bread.

You can enjoy delicious toast in the morning, which can make breakfast menus in the morning and you will be more enthusiastic about doing activities. No need to worry about being fat because the portion of breakfast is too much, you can make a choice of low-calorie toppings when packing toast. Then, what if you want a bread menu for brunch or breakfast for lunch? Don’t be afraid, this is a low-calorie brunch menu option:

– Banana and Peanut Butter
Want something sweet in the morning? You can make a spread of peanut butter and banana slices. The breakfast menu in the morning is rich in potassium

When you hear the terms breakfast, lunch and dinner are no stranger, then brunch will sound new to some people. Doing brunch or breakfast lunch is a big meal in the middle of the time between breakfast and lunch when the weekend is chosen. Actually, brunch habits come from western countries. People there usually only drink coffee, tea, juice or eat a piece of whole-grain bread as a stomach booster.

Large meals are not done before starting the activity. However, at mid-time before lunch. Nevertheless, brunch on weekends is chosen because it adds moments with family and sharing food. Furthermore, usually, the weekend brunch is done outdoors. The reason is, mothers who have been cooking from Monday to Friday are welcome to rest and eat food with family without having to bother in the kitchen.

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