Beware Of 5 Sources Of Pollution In The House

When we are at home, we often feel we are in the most comfortable and safe place in the world. When we are at home, we also contact reliable from various diseases and health problems, even though this is not always true. You know, indoor air pollution is 2-5 times greater than outside the home. Therefore, use hvac Columbia SC to maintain the cleanliness of the air starting from your home.

So, what can be a source of pollution in the house?

– Exhaust Fan and Fan
This is quite important at home. Mainly because of its significant function in the exchange of air and light coming from outside into the room. Leaving the exhaust fan and fan in a dirty state and for a long time can collect dust and dirt that are visible and can interfere with health.

– Carpet
Besides functioning as a place to lie down, the presence of carpet is also a neat touch for decoration at home. But unfortunately, the rug is also a hotbed of dust and dirt. Dirty carpet conditions can sometimes trigger an allergic reaction in someone. Therefore, it is obligatory to clean carpets regularly.

– Furniture and curtains
Curtains are usually in almost all the windows in the house. Therefore, if you are a homeowner with lots of windows, you should pay more attention to the cleanliness of your curtains. Dirty curtains can also be a den of pollution that can damage your health and that of your family. Wash and replace your curtains at least once a month.

Another thing that is no less contributing to dust and dirt in the house is furniture. Especially if you are the type of person who likes collecting various trinkets at home, clean your furniture regularly, because every sideline of the furniture can become a den of dirt and dust.

– Pet
For pet owners, you are undoubtedly aware of how they can carry dirt from outside into the house. Therefore you should not escape from maintaining the cleanliness of your cage or pet. No less important are the corners of the house that are often infested by your beloved animal.

– AC
In addition to its function to cool the room, AC also has a role in cleaning the air in the room. For that, cleanliness certainly needs to be appropriately maintained. One of the most essential parts of the air conditioner you should pay attention to is the filter section. Generally, filter parts can be easily removed and cleaned. The trick is to remove the filter and wash it with soap and running water.

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