Mike Bjorkman Shares 5 Tips for Real Estate Training
Mike Bjorkman Shares 5 Tips for Real Estate Training

Mike Bjorkman on Real Estate Training in the Modern Age

Realtor Mike Bjorkman is known in his industry for challenging what it is and what it can be. As other market sectors (e.g., media, hospitality, etc.) are shockingly disrupted with platforms like Netflix and Airbnb, he sees no reason why real estate training can’t be given the same makeover. His training largely focused on the cloud, is based on the following principles.

Offer Real Opportunities

Strategies, policies, and regulations are all incredibly important when it comes to training. They give trainees a foundation that they can use to launch their careers from scratch. However, if agents aren’t able to secure a client base, all the education in the world won’t help. Mike Bjorkman is laser-focused on providing leads to agents that will make it possible to put what they’ve learned to good use.

Smarter Marketing

Agents need to learn how they can market themselves to their target demographic. This means understanding the disparities in how buyers and sellers make decisions. (Not everyone will want to call an agent whose face is displayed prominently on a bench.) Bjorkman says that teaching agents how to connect with their client base is critical to giving them a leg up.

Accuracy and Efficiency

Even experienced real estate agents may find themselves falling prey to a training gimmick that leads them astray. At the beginning of someone’s career, too much trial and error can result in months of paltry paychecks. Bjorkman’s training is designed to help trainers identify their resources and assets — even when they think they’re facing an uphill battle — and then figure out where and how they should fit into their routine.

Prepare for Competition

Like all markets, real estate is a cyclical business. When it hits a downturn, the pressure it puts on real estate agents can be intense. Mike Bjorkman shows trainers how they can weather the storms and what they can do to give themselves an edge. As technology advances, the tools that agents can use become both more diverse and more affordable. So while it’s impossible to stop the rise and fall of housing, it is possible to harness what’s available to stand out above the crowd.

Expand and Encourage

Real estate is more than filling out paperwork and negotiating contingencies. When Bjorkman first got involved, he mastered the art of everything from investment to property management to selling a starter home. When he trains agents, he helps them expand their understanding of real estate. So even if they’re never going to become a property manager, they understand how and where different professionals fit into the larger game.

Mike Bjorkman on Getting Ahead

Bjorkman got into the real estate market in the early 90s, and it didn’t take long before he shot straight to the top at Re/Max and Keller Williams. After making the Top 1% in the Nation List his first year and earning the Lifetime Achievement Award, he knew it was time to start giving back on a larger scale. It’s why he’s one of the most sought-after trainers today.