We can help you make a holiday compensation claim or, you may have been injured, whilst working abroad. Never events are when accidents occur due to errors, which could have been prevented. We believe the UK aren’t doing enough to protect patient safety and wellbeing. It can be a daunting prospect not knowing what damages you might be entitled to receive when your landlord fails to keep your home in a good state of repair. Therefore, our UK disrepair compensation calculator will help you calculate what you could be entitled to.

Perhaps your case involves a high-net-worth individual or a child arrangements battle. Many law firms list their lawyers’ specialities and expertise to help you narrow down your search. We provide a wide range of legal services to individuals and businesses through our specialist teams of solicitors across our offices. Whilst it is not required to seek legal guidance to apply for divorce, a divorce solicitor will be able to offer expert legal advice and knowledge that could help your case.

Separation Agreement FAQs

Whether entering into a marriage or civil partnership or filing for divorce or dissolution, these factors are rightly at the forefront of your mind. Whether you need help with divorce and finances, care proceedings, or arrangements for your children, our lawyers will provide you with the support you need and ensure that the process is smooth. Our solicitors will always provide clear and up to date information on the anticipated timescales and costs and help to carefully manage both aspects on your behalf. Resolving any issues regarding the arrangements for the children and the finances are separate services because they are more complex and unique to your personal circumstances. These services again are usually chargeable on a time basis – depending on how long it takes to bring matters to a conclusion.

  • We have covered many of the frequently asked questions around this delicate area of divorce in our guide to child arrangement orders.
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  • Under the new procedure we estimate the time frame from start to finish will be around 8-12 months.

Our divorce lawyers have many years of experience between them to ensure that you receive appropriate advice and practical support during this difficult time, no matter what your situation. This will include advice on how to get divorced, the myths, the timescale and cost and the implications for financial arrangements and also any children’s arrangements. The specialist divorce and separation solicitors at Andersonbain are on hand to provide invaluable guidance from the outset. Our team is highly experienced in dealing with Family Law cases ranging from the relatively straightforward, through to complex and high value matters, including those involving children, significant assets . We can also advise on areas of Family Law includingfinancial arrangements,pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements,cohabitation agreements,domestic abuse,surrogacy, and Court applications, appeals and enforcement.

Other services

It is therefore no longer a requirement to provide reasons for the breakdown in the marriage. However it is still necessary to provide a statement confirming the marriage has broken down irretrievably. If there are any jointly held assets in perdana4peace Spain, we can assist you with the transfer process and the change of ownership even if the divorce process is being pursued out of Spain. We can also provide you with legal assistance in enforcing freezing orders issued by foreign courts.

Medical Negligence

Our family lawyers will help you throughout the divorce process, giving you piece of mind and ensuring the best outcome for you. Your lawyer will also discuss any additional issues with you relevant to your case including arrangements for care of your children, and financial issues. Recovering from serious injuries will require rehabilitation and carefully coordinated medical treatment.