These models will be used to synthesise a feedback controller, and verified in simulation before being implemented upon the hardware. The resultant controller will then be refined in a cycle of rapid control prototyping. The module complements the mathematics module MAS345 and requires a solid understanding of mathematical concepts (e.g., modulo-arithmetic, complex numbers, group theory) and logic as, e.g., taught in the modules COM365, COM1001, and COM2003).

  • Want to pick up some solid work experience while applying and improving your skills?
  • Students taking the Greek Apolyterion are normally required to also take the Panhellenic Exams.
  • Any subject in your offer in which you do not take a state matriculation exam must be studied in your final year of school.
  • Additionally, the module will also teach students all the necessary soft skills and transferable skills required for the successful completion of a degree in the computing profession.
  • Modern communication systems provide the backbone of the technological development that is driving the information age.
  • The precise model will depend on the course you apply for and may be subject to change from year to year for quality or enhancement reasons.

CRA-WP aims to widen participation and improve access, opportunities, and positive experiences of individuals from groups underrepresented in computing. With a focus on community building, career mentoring, information sharing, and effecting systemic change for post-secondary research computing pathways, CRA-WP supports several leadership development opportunities. Opportunities in computing and information science and engineering call for strategic approaches to develop the next generation of workforce expertise.

study options

For students taking theDiploma de Bacalaureat, typical offers range from8.6–9.4overall. Where courses require a specific subject, we would be looking for this to be studied as the optional subject within theDiploma de Bacalaureatwith marks between8.6and9.8. Requirements for American SATs and APs can be found under the country requirements for USA. Please see the Approved Qualifications table on theEnglish Languagepage for further details. English language studied within the above qualification is normally sufficient to meet the university’s minimum entry requirements.

Pass with A in 200 credits in Mathematics including Mathematics 4 or 5 and A in 200 credits in a second science or technology subject plus A in a further 600 credits and B in a further 1000 credits. 9.0 overall with 90, 90, 90 in three state exams including Mathematics and one other science or technology subject. 5 in all subjects with 80% in Higher Mathematics and one other Higher science or technology subject. AA in A level Mathematics and a second science or technology subject, plus A in the IFS Diploma in Financial Studies.

Slutbetyg från Gymnasieskola Upper secondary school leaving certificate

If English is not your first language, you have to show that your English is good enough to succeed on your course. With Go Global, Heriot-Watt’s global student programme, you can carry your studies to new places and experience new cultures, expanding your horizons on the way. A broad range of IT services to ensure all your requirements are met smoothly and efficiently.

International Foundation Years

Students will be introduced to the different types and applications of robotic systems. Sensing and actuation is also covered, with a focus on control of robot manipulators. Students will be exposed to a wide range of practical applications of robotic systems, and encouraged to discuss and reflect on the implications of using robots (e.g. ethical considerations, safety, social and economic impacts). This module will introduce students to the modelling and analysis of dynamic systems. Students will learn about the different types of physical systems based on real-world case-studies.