8 Places To Find Reliable Providers For Your Store in the US
8 Places To Find Reliable Providers For Your Store in the US

Wholesales companies are specialized explicitly in selling to retailers goods or services. The products sold by wholesalers comprise clothing, jewelry, home equipment, electronics, food, medicines, and a wide range of services, including the leasing of tools and equipment. You can also visit luminablog.com to read about different service providers that are available in your region.

Traditionally, the wholesaler sells their products and services in department stores, stores, convenience shops, supermarkets, or other types of outlets through brick-and-mortar shops. However, many wholesalers are also increasingly selling goods online via websites, online markets, and mobile apps.

The following are some of the best places you can find a reliable provider:

1.  Michaels

Michaels from Texas is the oldest wholesaler on this list, even if you might not have heard of them. Since 1973, Michaels has been in existence, and her success lies in her focus on the sale of arts and crafts. They offer high-quality products for purchases in bulk, making them a favorite among hobbyists, teachers, gift stores, and artists. You can scout for short-term business loans companies online if you do not have enough funds and you wish to buy some of their products before your business startup.

Their products include Art Supplies, Beads and jewelry, Floral, Décor, Frames, Fabric, Papercraft, Teaching supplies, Crochet and knitting, and crafts.

2.  AutoZone

AutoZone headquarters is in Memphis but has more than 6,000 shops in the USA, Mexico, and Brazil. This wholesaler sells car parts and accessories. AutoZone is one of the few places you can visit in the US if you wish to start a car accessories business.

3.  Target Corp

Target sells commodities mainly in the United States, Canada, and Latin America and mainly online. It offers a range of curate and general food products, including milk, perishable food, dry foodstuffs, and frozen products, at discounted prices.

4.  The Home Depot

Home Depot runs hardware stores specializing in selling building materials and products for home improvement. Their shops are mainly located in North America. The company sells a wide variety of materials to construct houses, lawns, and garden products.

5.  Walmart

Walmart sells a wide range of products and services at retail and wholesale markets worldwide and online at low daily prices. Walmart sells almost all unlimited goods, from apparel to house equipment, small appliances, and electronics to home improvement, gems, and games. The services of Walmart include warranties of products, car care, registrations, and pharmaceutical services.

6.  AT&T wireless

In general, AT&T is known as the world’s largest telecoms company, along with WarnerMedia’s parent, the world’s largest revenue-based media company. However, the company operates 2,004 retail outlets throughout the United States and even develops robots fitted with 5G equipment, increasing their productivity. So, if your interest in business is in the telecommunication line, you can visit this store.

7.  Costco

Online Store Costco Wholesale Company is a line of warehouse clubs. It is called Costco. In addition to its e-commerce stores in the United States, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Australia, Spain, Iceland, and France, the company sells a wide range of products, including electronic, PC, furniture, outdoor living, appliances, jewelry, and more.

8.  Bwanaz

Since 2017, Bwanaz, a California-based wholesaler, has accumulated a considerable track record. Microsoft, Walmart, and Bloomingdales are among their significant partnerships. Their passion for supporting local businesses and their choice to only work with the top-quality producers with their extensive range of products is essentially the root of their success.

Some of their products categories include Apparel, Jewellery, Beauty products, Furniture, Bags, Food for animals, Drinks and Foods, Gaming, Gifts, Homewares, and Fitness.