Match Exterior Paint With Material

Some of the materials that make up the exterior elements of a house can’t just be protected by ordinary exterior wall paint. For walls that are coated in natural stone, special exterior paint is needed like a clear coating. This outer layer of paint prevents the growth of fungus in humid conditions. Similar exterior paint protection from woodstock exterior painting also applies to exposed brick material that is exposed. As for metal-based materials such as iron, choose exterior paints that contain zinc alum or stainless. Perfect painting is needed to protect wood materials that are generally used for fences and walls of houses. Use solid paint featuring opaque finishing, such as Duco paint and oil paint. Both can cover defective wood surfaces while producing a very fine, final texture.

Choose exterior paint colors that can support the aesthetic appearance of the building. Now the home exterior design features many variations of material. Not just relying on brick walls, ceramics, natural stone, wood, and metal panels are also included as accents in the facade of the house. This makes the selected exterior paint color also must adjust to the texture and motif of the material, so as to create a harmonious composition. Bright exterior paint colors can blend harmoniously with wood and ceramic materials. While the neutral-colored exterior paint will be a fitting companion for accents formed by natural stone and metal material.

The protective function of the exterior paint will be useless if the exterior paint is applied with an improper technique. For that, Kania includes repainting steps that you can easily follow.

– Peel clean walls of old paint with paint remover material (paint remover) and mildew and fungus cleaner (fungicidal wash). Clean to dry.

– Apply primer (primer) without being diluted by water to produce a stronger adhesive. Allow drying for two hours.

– If there is a part of the cracked wall immediately cover it with primer.

– Apply exterior paint that has been diluted with several layers of water until it is completely covered.

– Dry for two hours.

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