Here Are Some Reasons Why People Hide Their Depression

Depression is a medical condition in the form of feelings of sadness that negatively impact a person as a whole both his soul and body. Depression can also be a symptom of physical illness and side effects from the use of certain medications and medical treatments. There are many reasons why someone hides the depression they experience. In fact, if talked about to the right person like in counselling North London, depression can be cured immediately

Depression they consider personal things that should not be known by others. It is unfortunate if depression is not treated by people who are experts because the longer depression is suffered, the easier the sufferer is in hallucinations or even no longer has awareness in all his actions.

Here are some reasons why someone hides their depression from others

1. Don’t want to burden others
Depression and guilt tend to go hand in hand. As a result, many people do not want to burden others with their struggles. This may be especially true for people who are accustomed to caring for others rather than asking others to care for them.

2. Shy
Some people believe that depression is a defect of character or a sign of weakness. They may feel ashamed to be depressed because they think they should be able to handle it themselves.

3. To deny
Hiding depression can be because you want to deny someone’s guess. That person thinks that a smile is a proof that he is not in a state of depression.

4. Fear of possible back reactions
A person may be worried about the personal and professional consequences of the depression they experience. For example, a comedian or lawyer might worry that their employer will doubt their ability to do their job. Or, someone might worry that their partner will leave them if they reveal that they are depressed.

5. Don’t want to look weak
Someone might also be afraid of looking weak due to the condition of depression. With that assumption, they worry that other people will take advantage of them. So, they cannot disclose the condition of their depression.

6. Feeling guilty
Because guilt tends to accompany depression, sometimes people don’t feel as if they have to experience depression. They might think they have a good life and should not feel bad.

Social media provides an unrealistic depiction of happiness. Many people browse social media and see pictures of happy people. As a result, they came to believe that they were the only ones struggling with mental health problems. They might feel more isolated than before and that could cause them to hide their struggle.

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