Excellence Bass Guitar Rickenbacker 4000 Series

Who doesn’t know Rickenbacker’s guitar? You who like music must be familiar with this guitar. Many world musicians such as Geddy Lee, Chris Squire, Al Cisneros, Paul McCartney, Lemmy Kilmister and many more legendary bassists for years playing Rickenbackers inexpensive acoustic bass guitar.

Many advantages why the Rickenbacker 4000 Series bass guitar is sought after by collectors and music artists. For more details, see some reviews about the benefits of Rickenbacker 4000 Series guitars that you must know. Before that, if you need an inexpensive acoustic bass guitar, you can visit our website.

1. Innovative and elegant design
For decades, Rickenbacker has been a leader in building musical instruments, especially in the world of the bass guitar. Series 4000 is one of the most iconic bass guitars and has helped the music industry to date. Its innovative design makes it possible to produce and maintain sound very well. The tone produced from guitar passages is suitable for all types of music, such as pop, rock, jazz and so on. Although this Rickenbacker guitar has a pretty innovative design, this guitar is very easy to play. In addition to the curved body shape but still looks elegant and neck-thru design makes this guitar more comfortable when worn.

2. Quality materials with the best designers
The Rickenbacker 4000 bass guitar is made from a combination of Maplewood material for the main body and neck, while Rosewood is implanted in the fingerboard. The combination of these two materials makes this guitar has a fairly lightweight but remains sturdy when used. Roger Ross Isl as the designer of the Rickenbacker 4000 series bass guitar also places metal strings on the fretboard, twin truss rods, triangle inlays, two pickups, two volume and two-tone dials, selector switches, and cables for Rick-O-Sound.

3. Good sound is produced in each passage
Rickenbacker 4000 Series bass guitar which is designed with a pickup configuration with two pickup settings, two master volume, and two-tone dials is capable of producing a very beautiful sound when it starts playing. This bass guitar is very suitable to be played in various types of music genres, especially classic rock, progressive rock, pop and also jazz. The sound produced from each guitar passage can blend well with the sound of other musical instruments. The clarity of the sound produced will make you more confident when playing it.

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